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[15 Feb 2005|11:26pm]
so we're done. we do have one more thing for you guys(or at least i do). it's a recording of our last show. it's sounds decent so if you want one e-mail or leave a comment.
it contains the only recording of:
I'm Like the Plague
Well congratulations, you're a better puzzle solver than me
You name it, Joe Namath
Dropping Hammers
Wyoming is for Sinners

it's free.

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[26 Jan 2005|09:43pm]
Last show!!!

Friday January 28 Cave 9 $5 6:45 or 7:00

Fratelli (our last show)
We vs. The Shark (make you wanna dance your booty off)
The Great American Breakdown (they're like 12 or something)
Comrade (instrumental rock stuff)
Cinimechanica (really good Math-Rock)
Recovery Period (homies who scream and are from the great state of miSSiSSiPPi)

so come out and watch us go out not with a BANG, but a whimper

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thanks [03 Jan 2005|06:42pm]
this is a message to anyone who cares enough to read it...i assume if you are reading the fratelli lj...then you at least have heard about the band...
my name is michael.
im 23 and i play guitar for fratelli...
about 3 years ago i moved to birmingham because i was sad and frustrated...
one of the main reasons for moving was to try and find like minded people to create music with...
i kind of never thought it would happen...but it did...
so i just want anyone and everyone to know how full of thanks and gratitude i am to those that has been involved with fratelli...the guys in the band have become more than that...they have became dear dear friends, and i can honestly say that i love them...and i loved what we had...i really havent realized how sad its going to be after everything is done...but i think we are making the right decision...again i want everyone to know how thankful i am to everyone who has supported us through our humble career....you have sat through some pretty awful shows of ours and even clapped at the end...thank you....thank you so much.

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long time no see [07 Oct 2004|02:57pm]
Two shows come to them

October 8 Cave 9 7:00 $5
Always the Runner
The White Routine
Closer than This

October 15 Cave 9 7:00 $5
We Vs. The Shark
Brand New Disaster
Cassio Cassanova

so there you go..
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last to know...... [19 Jun 2004|12:49pm]
we have a show tonight at SoBo's (formerly Assagio's)
Selling Mary
Larvae(from what i understand it's drum and bass dance craziness so i'm all for it)
and Enduser

show starts at 9:00, $7 and is all-ages yay!!!! please come it will be cool i swear..

SoBo's 3 buildings down from Bellbottom's and across the street from ruby tuesday's

so come please
i'm begging you
do it
come on no one has to know
it can be between me and you
i won't tell
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Shows and other things that make me giggle.... [14 May 2004|09:08pm]
Friday at Cave 9 7:00 $5
w/ The Great American Breakdown, Bat, Black Rose Black Death, Blue Ribbon Rebel Rousers
Saturday at High Note Lounge
with Skeptic? and Seasonal Mishap

and in other news i'm wearing a wig and it rocks

also go to purevolume.com/fratelli and you can hear some new shit......it should make you exciting
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Remember Kids.... [31 Mar 2004|02:05pm]
tonight at Cave 9

Stop It!!(with a karaoke machine)
Plate Six
The Nothing(i'm not sure about this)

$5, 7:00 be there or not be there
if you're not there it's your own fucking fault
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show..... [20 Mar 2004|11:07pm]
well it's been awhile since we've updated but we're through recording and mixing the new record and it should be ready to be sold in the next upcoming shows. we do have a show lined March 31 at Cave 9 with Stop It!!, Plate 6, and the Nothing. Come to it.....if you want the new record ask one of us we might just give it to you.

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SHOW SATURDAY AND SUNDAY [19 Feb 2004|11:12pm]
yeah so we have two shows lined up for the weekend.

Saturday at Cave 9 7:00 with Interference and Blue Sky Goodbye


Sunday at Cheaha Clubhouse in Oxford with Oliver's Army, Backseat Virgins, and The Nothing 7:00

01: I-20 E toward GADSDEN/ATLANTA. 59.1 miles Map
02: Take the AL-21 exit- exit number 185- toward OXFORD/ANNISTON. 0.2 miles Map
04: Turn LEFT onto ELM ST. 0.2 miles Map
05: Turn RIGHT onto FRIENDSHIP RD. 0.6 miles Map
06: Turn RIGHT onto CHEAHA DR. 0.3 miles Map
07: Turn RIGHT onto BOOZER DR. 0.2 miles Map
08: End at [700-807] BOOZER DR OXFORD AL Map
Look for Cheaha Clubhouse sign
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[19 Feb 2004|01:11am]
www.ooooooooohh! SHIT!.com
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[09 Feb 2004|11:27pm]

a website is coming.....
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stuff [09 Feb 2004|03:34pm]
we have some shows lined in case you care....

Feb. 13th-The Nightmare Before Valentine's Day
(w/ thirty-nine steps and the nowhere squares)
1725 14th Avenue S (this is randy's house) at 7:00

Feb. 21st at Cave 9
(w/ Interference and Blue Sky Goodbye) at 7:00

Feb 22nd in Oxford (more to come on this one)
(w/ Oliver's Army, Backseat Virgins, and The Nothing)

also we have a website coming up sometime soon......

if you need directions to Randy's house leave a message or e-mail one of us............
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[20 Jan 2004|10:59pm]
HEY! DON'T FORGET ABOUT TOMORROW! Oh, what's tomorrow you ask, yeah, our show. Be there or I'll cry.

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[13 Jan 2004|05:41pm]

I made this flyer with my Boo, Sally, in mind.
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[24 Dec 2003|01:08am]
Okay, so we're still recording, but we're about to be done with that. SHOWS! SHOWS! SHOWS! We need to play some, and we plan on doing that very soon. But, that's about it. But everyone in Fratelli wishes all of you and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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What's going on with Fratelli you ask? [25 Nov 2003|01:29pm]
Well, I'll tell you. We've been busy recording a new album which has lots of pending titles. Other than that..... well, there is no other than that really. We should be playing shows sometime, though we have none set up. We'd really like to play 600 Studios or 1213 soon. Also, we've been thinking of taking a weekend to just go out of State to play somewhere. Rocket Town? I'm FEELIN IT!

We'll try to keep you posted.

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Show [12 Nov 2003|06:11pm]
We have a show sunday Nov. 16 with Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start. So please come check it out.
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october 21, 2003 [16 Oct 2003|04:53pm]
show coming up...
we are playing with Stop It! and My Hotel Year (rockrockrock)

you should come see us play because we havent had practice in a billion months...muhbhahahahahah....

this post was brought to you by the letter "f"

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WE LOVE RECOVERY PERIOD! [02 Oct 2003|04:47pm]

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TOUR STARTS THIS WEEK! [15 Sep 2003|11:38pm]
I know this is only a few days warning, but, Fratelli is going on tour THIS WEEK! And I think it's about time to let all of you know what's going down.....

We're going on a five day tour. Four of those days is with Recovery Period(a very bad ass band from Mississippi). These are the dates:

Sept 17- Anniston, AL with COPELAND, scatter the ashes, PARK!, and Backseat Virgin
Sept 18 - Biloxi, MS (with Recovery Period and TBA)
Sept 19 - Cave9 in Birmingham (w/ Recovery Period and TBA)
Sept 20 - Nashville, TN at Rocket Town with Recovery Period and KIND OF LIKE SPITTING!!! That's going to be an awesome show. If you haven't heard them, download something now! Right now! Do it!!
Sept 21 - Atlanta at Swayze's (Lee from Treephort's venue) with Recovery Period and TBA

On tour, we should have CDs and t-shirts and stickers and whatever you could possibly want! Please, please come if you are able to come to any of this shows.

Also, on the 19th.... it's a big day for B-ham. Not only are we playing that night, but BEBMD is playing Non-Stop Art..... and if you can make both shows, you SHOULD!

I hope to see you all at one of the shows. Thank You
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